To be able to meet creative needs of your project and finalize/fullfill your project in the best possible way, i would like to be involved in the project from earliest possible stage, preferably pre-production.
That is a good starting point to allow me to understand the goals of the project and with that to avoid unwanted surprises.

During the editing process, i keep in touch with the editor and director and eventually i could provide sounds that would help clarify and enhance the directors vision.

When the picture is locked, the last part of the filmmaking process starts, post production.



Audio Formats:

OMF/AAF, 48kHz/24bit

Picture Formats:

Any Quicktime video format
Preferably, every project should have a leader, with one frame peep 48 frames (or 50 frames for TV project) before the first frame of your project


CMX 3600